Strike the perfect balance of performance
and sophistication

Modern Office Chairs by Meelano
M348 Office Chair In Vegan Leather M347 Office Chair In Italian Leather M310 Office Chair In Aniline Leather M365 Office Chair In Vegan Leather M330 Office Chair In Vegan Leather


Modern Office Chairs

Chairs that work hard.

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perfect balance

Living Spaces

At home, poolside, or at the office, strike the perfect balance of performance and sophistication


The Meelano Experience

In 2007 the Meelano brand was created with one simple philosophy: provide customers with quality products and service. Here at Meelano, we believe your space is a place of self-expression and enjoyment, which is why we appreciate and value every customer who has trusted Meelano when selecting contemporary furniture for their home or office. Our community believes in outstanding and quality lifestyle and is constantly on the hunt for smart products with great attention to detail.

The Customer’s Journey

With experience for over a decade, Meelano has developed the most efficient and simple shipping processes which have enabled us to expand rapidly and internationally.We are committed to providing a simple shopping experience and ensuring remarkable support so every customer has the best experience. Each of our team members are knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to help you with any questions you may have.

The Meelano Collection

Between the modern desk chairs and the wide variety of other superb home and office products, we pride ourselves in being a part of your daily life. Each piece at Meelano is designed to be unique yet practical. You can expect quality aniline leather, vegan leather, and other top-tier finishes that are both stunning and durable.

You will discover that the pieces at Meelano have the ideal balance of style, dependability, and comfort.

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