Modern Colors, Premium Materials

Office chairs vary based on the shape of the base, seat, and back, and the materials and textures that support its look. It is crucial that an office chair design is made with durable material that can withstand regular usage. Most office chairs are commonly built with cotton, vinyl, plastic, mesh, leather, wood, or metal material and fabrics. The materials used to construct a chair are determined by what type of chair it will be. For leather office chairs, a metal base and frame are used to maintain a durable feel to the chair. The metal is hidden under our curated downy foam and layered with sophisticated leather. Regardless of the material style that you choose for your office, Meelano offers a selection of colors to ensure that your office look is polished and put together. Color choice creates an aura of professionalism while maintaining a calming ambiance that brightens your office. Meelano uses only the best materials for our chairs, to ensure our quality is not only long-lasting but also refined.